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Our Mission And First Project

Welcome To 'My Happy Art Box', An Exciting New Fund Raising Campaign To Bring Art And Crafts To Children And Young Adults Who Are Suffering With Their Mental Health

It is widely known that art relieves stress and anxiety. When we engage our minds and give attention to creativity we become distracted from any worries we may have, feeling happier and more positive, easing the sometimes constant mental and physical distress so often felt. Art gives you a creative outlet to express yourself and your emotions.

There is a large gap between children and young adults who are suffering with their mental health being diagnosed and actually receiving treatment and many children are not even put on a waitng list as they are deemed not poorly enough. This is a tragedy and  will only make this crisis worse. Figures from NHS Digital, report that from 2017 to July 2020 1 in 6 children have a mental health disorder, that's 5 children in a class of 30. Up from 1 in 9 in 2017.

Here at My Happy Art Box we want to support those children and young adults who are not yet lucky enough to be recieving treatment and there are many thousands who are in this position.

The Happy Secret Postcard Show is the first of our fund raising projects and we will be using all of the money raised to donate our My Happy Art Boxes to children and young adults who will really benefit from some creative time out. Each box contains art essentials, including paints sets, coloured pencils, sketching pencils, a journal or sketchbook and more.

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We Love To Make People Smile


How To Donate A Postcard

We are inviting artists using any genre to submit a postcard sized piece of original art on the theme of ‘HAPPY’. Each postcard is to be a standard A6 postcard size, approximately 14.8cm x 10.5cm and you can donate up to five, (or more if you would like:) pieces of art. Please sign and print your name on the back of the postcard. Please also add title, your website and contact if you wish to the back. Please add your contact details and I will contact you to confirm your donation has been received. Please be sure to package your artwork securely.

Kindly post to The following address;

Mandy, The Happy Secret Postcard Show, Banks Mill Studios, 71 Bridge St, Derby. DE1 3LB, UK

All postcards will be exhibited on our social media platforms and website anonymously. Artists who have donated postcards will be listed on our artists page and revealed with their artworks after the sale.

All postcards will be sold for £15 each

Any questions please email me

Thank you so much for making difference one postcard at a time.



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